July 2, 2013


It's time. The closing of one book, and the start of another. The highly anticipated sequel in my story as a creative professional. First, let's go back to the beginning:

Three years ago (nearly to the day) I walked through Dayspring's front doors, eager to find my place in the creative field. Boiling with anxiety, excitement and fear of the "new", I jumped head-first into the world of greeting card design. Surrounded by wonderful people and designers, between Dayspring and Hallmark, I learned from the best. This is honestly what I will miss the most: the wealth of talent and resources between my co-workers and the vast creative libraries of Hallmark are, in my book, irreplaceable. We collaborated on projects, deliberated over "cat-horses", and celebrated one another's design victories. Good times, to say the least.

Someone once said, "every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And so, Friday is my official last day designing for Dayspring, and Monday I will take the next step in my journey, starting as a Sr. Designer with Moxy Ox, one of the leading (and growing) creative agencies in NW Arkansas. Please visit their site to learn more about them and the type of work I will be getting to do with them.

Needless to say I am very excited about this next chapter in my life, but it is bittersweet leaving my friends and co-workers at Dayspring and not working with them on a daily basis. I want to say that I'm thankful for Dayspring and the experience I've gained with them, and I will miss it all very much! But I am looking forward to the plans in store for me, at Moxy Ox and beyond. Thanks & God bless

: Justin

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