March 19, 2012

A First Time for Everything

For my 2012 new years resolution, I had set a goal to revamp my website and begin blogging my projects as a creative person. Most of it was for my own accountability's sake, to give me a place to post current work and side projects in hopes that having a place to put them would motivate me to continue such projects and work. 
While it is about that, my hope is that others will find inspiration from my work and ideas, (much like others' work is inspiring to me). At the very least, I would hope to provide an enjoyable array of eye-candy.

There are several projects and pieces that I have finished within the last year that I have been saving to exhibit until I could get the blog off the ground and running, including my screen-printing station I built last summer.

I am looking forward to sharing more projects in the future! But for now, here to introduce you to the JEDDY, is an overview of my refreshed online portfolio and self identity. Check it out:

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