March 20, 2012


Last spring, I was given the privilege of learning from one of the screen printing masters of all time (okay maybe a slight over-statement...maybe...), Andy MacDougall. If you are in with his inner circle, you may know him as Andy Mac. As many have said before, he literally wrote the book on screen printing.

Anyways, he was teaching a workshop on screen printing at John Brown University, using their recently added printing classroom. He showed us all the ins and outs of screen printing, schooled us on various tips, tricks, and common mistakes of the art. I was instantly enthused.

I left the two day workshop very inspired, and set out to construct my own screen printing table, the same ones that Andy shows you how to make in the back of his book I mentioned earlier.

Several months and saw-dust induced sneezes later, I had my very own screen printing (tired of that word yet?) station, complete with working 24x24" vacuum table and screen hinge. 

Check out some of my images below to see my construction of the station, and stay tuned for later posts when I go into actually making my first print.

Getting my measurements ready for cutting up the wood pieces. One of many hidden  uses for Adobe Illustrator.

Prepped and ready to build.

Drawing lines for the air holes for the vacuum table top.

Wood glue!

These wood strips will create avenues for the air to create better suction for the vacuum, once this is flipped over and glued to the bottom.

Done with the main part, now to assemble the hinge piece


Now its time to print —with my very first owned screen! Stay tuned.

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